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If someone listens only to harsh, misogynistic music, watches only dark, nihilistic films, and plays only violent video games, it could be (though not necessarily) cause for alarm.
Tales of nihilistic anti-art perverts obsessed with shock and obscenity above meaning and beauty are entertaining enough--though I pity the desiccated sensibilities of someone who sees only destructive, violent tendencies in the often hilariously absurd antics of dadaists and noise musicians.
To view Cerletty as as painterly Bret Easton Ellis, depicting twentysomethings adrift in their own nihilistic pathos, is to appreciate the glamour but fail to feel the punch.
Curb Your Enthusiasm'' is wonderfully demented fun for the nihilistic curmudgeon in everyone (let's see that get blurbed in an ad).
This is nihilistic art school rock 'n' roll at its most cute - a place where sex is down and dirty, everyone's a razor-blade away from death or glory and the devil has all the best tunes.
Armed with such nihilistic credentials, TG set about demolishing popular music from within.
And, for that matter, to witness how much crow those same critics must have wolfed down a few years later when Pinter's uniquely nihilistic weirdness became cause for celebration, not angry dismissal.
If she wants to critique a self-indulgently nihilistic masculinity, there's too much libidinal hero worship in the piece's dramatic rhythms (the final shot, for example, shows the artist crowd-surfing, Christlike, as the sound track intones, "You feel free").
Playing ``Mister's'' nihilistic J, who blossoms into something of an adjusted person as the result of an unlikely rapport with her equally alienated, middle-age boss R (Albert Brooks), required Sobieski to explore emotions she'd certainly never experienced before.
To quote Cornel West, it represents the "painful struggle for self-affirming sanity in a history in which the nihilistic threat seems insurmountable.
This allows ``The Contender'' to be hard-hitting without slipping into the nihilistic satire of ``Wag the Dog'' or the scolding, instant obsolescence of ``Primary Colors.