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For example on a woman's right to choose an abortion he states, "This 'woman's right to choose' is nihilistic because its sources of value are nothing higher than individual wishes and conventional acceptance" (218).
With mindless nihilistic spite In what they thought was fun.
Eco-warriors, nihilistic terrorists, and the environment.
Let there be no doubt that Pakistan condemns in the strongest possible terms any use of children by extremists or any other group to promote their nihilistic agenda and is taking appropriate action to stop such practices," the Daily Times quoted Haroon, as saying.
Peer deep into its murk and you'll find a celebration of nihilistic debauchery sliced up by eerily distorted guitars - and all just as you thought it was turning out nice again.
If anything comes next, a sense of disillusionment with tomorrow, in short a nihilistic attitude towards life.
The band's big hit, "Inside Out," with its nihilistic grasp of a "beautiful oblivion," is positively infectious.
It's not an overly bitter album, however, and in his cover of Zager And Evans' nihilistic In The Year 2525, he hasn't forgotten his conscience.
We have seen the contemporary results - nihilistic yet impeccably democratic legislation that repudiates life itself
The Catholic Massachusetts senator vigorously championed the nihilistic causes of abortion, embryonic stem cell research and same-sex marriage.
A structural phenom filled with subtle visual motifs and murder-mystery storytelling, Watchmen crumbles the popular idea of a superhero, replacing it with the bulging waistline of morally conflicted humans raging with nihilistic paranoia and crippling apathy.
made to withstand five thousand years of nihilistic sand,