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As members of the oppressed, working-class kinship, their military methods--construed more nihilistically at times and at others, more quixotically--resist reductive appreciations of their conduct as acts akin to the terrorising behaviour of mercenaries.
That could explain his decision to conclude with alternate endings, one nihilistically romantic, the other capitalistically smug: two moments sealed hermetically from each other, leaving us wafting bemusedly among the clouds.
It presents a view of the world that is neither dogmatically ideological nor nihilistically relativist.
When Stephen wistfully comforts himself by imagining that the memories and thoughts produced by his mother's consciousness are not nihilistically lost with her death but are rather "Folded away in the memory of nature," he is suddenly overwhelmed by his own memories of his mother: "Memories beset his brooding brain" (Joyce 1961, 10).
47) But is Giussani not giving the you unmediated and direct access to the I when he says, "I become self-aware when I hear myself addressed as 'you'" and "as the you comes to light, the I is eclipsed, not because it disappears, nihilistically, but because it comes to completion in an other"?
It will no longer be up to the individual (which decides nihilistically according to its own life) to dictate the "law"; it will be up to Life itself (which will end up deciding, we begin to suspect, in similar nihilistic fashion).
It will also solidify ISF and tribal commitments to "cut-out" the AQI terrorists and criminals, who nihilistically threaten every Iraqi's future.
This is so because the survivors' will to power, their desire for agency, is inappropriate since the transcendental values have proved nihilistically insignificant, empty of value and form.