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The statistical analysis compares counties with NIM clusters to counties with only one NIM (non-clustering counties); prior literature typically compared NIMs to their surrounding county (e.
His tenure at the more disciplined estate proved fruitful; by the end of his time there, Nim had learned approximately 125 sign languages, a reasonable result for the experiment that, nonetheless, was somewhat below Terrace's expectations.
Some scenes are eerily identical to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - Nim and Caesar looking out of a window beyond their own souls.
After efforts to free him, Nim was sent to an animal sanctuary in Texas, where he could be safe from abuse if not boredom, as its sole chimp.
The actress, who would have played Nim in her kid acting days, is game but largely out of place, and her plight takes up too much of the film.
The earliest instances of nim registered in the OED come from the Mercian glossaries:
Among large regional banks, Comerica reported a 9bp NIM decline quarter over quarter.
When Jack is lost at sea during a monsoon, Nim sends an e-mail SOS to her favourite writer, Alex Rover.
In quiet moments Nim loves to settle down with the latest adventure book by treasure-hunter Alex Rover, so when her dad is lost at sea during a monsoon, Nim send san SOS to Rover.
The excess cash flow is generally allowed to be distributed to the NIM classes when the underlying transaction's OC amount is at or above a specified target amount.
Dubai: Indian High School Dubai beat New Indian Model School (NIMS) Dubai 35-24 in the final of the 17th NIMS Mini Basketball Tournament that concluded at the NIMS Sharjah court on Tuesday.