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Her limbs were indeed full of strength and agility, and, as her mind was no less animated with spirit, she was perfectly able to keep pace with her nimble lover.
Well was it for Robin that he was quick and nimble of foot; for the blow that grazed a hair's breadth from his shoulder would have felled an ox.
The dark mystery with which Flora now enshrouded herself might have stopped other fingers than the nimble fingers that worked near her.
The nimble fingers laid aside the work, and the little figure rose and kissed her hand.
In a very few minutes she returned to her basket of work, and her nimble fingers were as nimble as ever.
It is a lucky thing,' said he, 'that they did not tear up the tree on which I was sitting, or I should have had to sprint on to another like a squirrel; but we tailors are nimble.
NICE (Nasdaq:NICE) has announced that Nimble Group, an asset management and collections leader, is implementing Nexidia Analytics across all of its customer interactions in order to improve its customer service, the company said.
4 August 2017 - New York, US-based mobile and digital product provider Pointman LLC has acquired New York-based field service management app supplier Field Nimble to expand focus on mobile applications in the field service and home service markets, the company said.
NimbleUser's flagship product, Nimble AMS, is built on the Force.
2 billion deal to acquire San Jose-based predictive all-flash and hybrid-flash storage solution provider, Nimble Storage.
I put our success down to the way we do business because we remain very entrepreneurial and nimble.
com)-- Nuvocomp today announced it has joined the Nimble Partner Program as a Value-added Reseller.