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One favourite trick used by thieves was nimble-fingered jewellery swaps, including stealing necklaces and leaving victims wearing cheap imitations.
And for the nimble-fingered visitors, a typing challenge will give avid texters the chance to showcase their lightening quick skills.
The nimble-fingered ladies of a Women's Institute have put their knitting and sewing skills to full effect by creating special blankets for cancer patients.
Nimble-fingered thieves cost students pounds 126 million each year, a study found today.
NIMBLE-fingered wrappers from gift shop Strawberry Fair raised pounds 2,122 for Kirkwood Hospice last year.
Nimble-fingered minister Ewan Gilchrist managed to prise open the smallest, which was empty.
NIMBLE-fingered types can pick up some bargains at a fair.
More than 30 biblical scenes from tales such as The Last Supper and Noah's Ark have been created by the team of nimble-fingered churchgoers.
WHERE UNDERPANTS COME FROM by Joe Bennett (Simon & Schuster, pounds 11.99) There are lots of books to tell you about China - its massive industrialisation and its many sweatshops toiled in by young, nimble-fingered factory workers.
One backstage fix later and the banjo was back in the hands of the nimble-fingered female who makes up one third of The Be Good Tanyas.
The nimble-fingered worker is enjoying the latest in a line of creative jobs - and is proving a real gift for rushed shoppers.
The nimble-fingered misses are masters of the craze which has taken playgrounds by storm nationwide.