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After which Mr Dorrit was seized with a doze for about a minute, out of which he sprang with spasmodic nimbleness.
As our competitors continue to scale back operations during this time of business contraction, MailExpress' strong value proposition, laser-like focus on the performance mail segment, and operational nimbleness has enabled us to experience tremendous growth.
But the car corners comfortably enough and has an appealing nimbleness.
The independent business now has the combination of Goliath Clout and nimbleness necessary to not only survive, but to thrive in an ever increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace.
The dimensions mean you have the nimbleness and squeeze-in-anywhere ability of a city car, emphasised by a tight turning circle of 9.
Businesses appreciate our firm commitment to responsiveness and nimbleness, with competitive rates that help them manage their bottom lines.
That nimbleness has a direct impact on the bottom line for our customers.
With payment convergences and growing adoption of image solutions, the industry requires flexibility, innovation and nimbleness that are the cornerstones of the VSoft story.
It utilizes an SOA-based modular architecture that provides the agility and nimbleness to target different applications.
To compete globally requires nimbleness - the ability to shift supply quickly in order to meet the changing needs of your customers," said Nancy Koenig, executive vice president of operations for Click Commerce.
Buyout firms today, with their financial savvy, nimbleness, mega-funds and willingness to team up in club deals, can compete successfully for deals of any size," said Daniel A.