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After which Mr Dorrit was seized with a doze for about a minute, out of which he sprang with spasmodic nimbleness.
Creating a cloud-based platform that combines carrier-grade reliability with the flexibility and nimbleness of the cloud model requires rigorous service assurance and monitoring, said Daniel Collins, Chief Technology Officer, Jasper Wireless.
Formed to challenge social standards in a world where slenderness and beauty seems obsessive, The Big Ballet dancers courageously and imposingly prove that grace, elegance, charisma and nimbleness are not the sole preserve of the "thin" and proudly present their voluptuous, yet surprisingly sinuous and flexible, figures.
There's a definite nimbleness to the car too, though that goes when you load it up with passengers and luggage.
Certainly, its size and nimbleness - not forgetting a 4.7m turning radius - should make it a joy in urban tight spots.
But the Ospreys' backs lacked the nimbleness and cutting edge of the French and a Gavin Henson penalty in each half was their only reward.
The Will to Govern Well: Knowledge, Trust and Nimbleness By Glenn Tecker, Jean Frankel, Paul Meyer, CAE
'Then there are focus groups and clinics to get organised which would mean we would lose our nimbleness. At present it only needs a walk down a corridor to get a decision there and then.'
The scalability of the ADVA FSP 3000 provides Neo Telecoms with the nimbleness it needs to rapidly respond to any and all opportunities.
Perhaps it is that nimbleness which is the XKR's special quality.
And the big plus about a smaller 4x4 is that you get most of the nimbleness of a normal saloon with the added advantages of a huge cargo area and a go-anywhere quality.
That, and an easy-shifting five-speed manual gearbox, plus the Fabia's inherent nimbleness and quality underpinnings, makes even town driving fun.