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In both cases, survival has meant learning to work in a new way - getting smarter, yes, but nimbler and more reactive; keeping only a tight core team and outsourcing everything else.
But BAP's Tan said the proposal would put banks on equal footing with the nimbler money changers, thus eliminating the market's incentive to do business with the latter.
Getting into row three could not be easier for the smaller and nimbler among us.
It's less powerful, but PS680 less costly and a lot lighter in the other sort of pounds too, so feels nimbler on its toes.
Marc Dowd, ex-Principal Advisor with Forrester and now one of Verbat's key stakeholders, remarks, "The business world today is witnessing key executives from larger organisations joining hands to form smaller, nimbler enterprises to disrupt the marketplace.
The organization will become nimbler, more reactive and more operational in "one of the most profound transformations" ever at the U.
In addition, this will also lead to improved service level agreements for business critical applications which will result in a much nimbler and embracing public sector.
Alongside the popular digital and social platforms in our region, we will see a rise in the usage of nimbler ones such as Snapchat, Periscope and the like as consumers become more spontaneous and want to express their feelings and experiences on the fly.
On the other end, new, nimbler versions are emerging.
This is great news for small businesses, which tend to be more flexible and nimbler than large enterprises.
One in four market leaders today are going to cede market dominance to younger, nimbler companies because of a lack of digital business advantage, which Gartner defines as a combination of mobile and social apps, data and networking technology.
Frankfurt: SAP plans to cut about 2,200 positions, adding to a similar reduction last year as Europe's biggest software company pivots its business toward less profitable applications delivered over the Internet to keep up with nimbler rivals.