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Al-Ghamdi added that being granted this award for the 3rd consecutive year, only fueled the need to continue to optimize the way the exchange conducts its business with the aim of becoming a nimbler, more focused organization able to efficiently respond to the demands of the local and global marketplace and the needs of its stakeholders.
The new truck is the company's response to customers' requests for a more fuel-efficient and nimbler pickup.
Nimbler discount rivals such as Air Asia have expanded rapidly, while Malaysia Airlines has been like a supertanker, slow to change direction.
Microsoft chief Satya Nadella said they are "retooling the company's structure as it seeks to compete with nimbler rivals offering mobile and internet-based software and services".
The hope for the Khimjis of the future must be that if larger firms get back into a situation where they can afford to pick and choose the work they want, it will create opportunities for nimbler, hungrier businesses who are willing to innovate to gain a competitive edge.
According to the Gartner research, “SMBs require smaller, nimbler and point solutions that are easy to implement, preferably available on a hosting model.
Sony's gaming division has emerged as a potential saviour for the once-mighty giant, which is struggling to reinvent itself in the digital age, having been left in the dust by nimbler rivals like South Korea's Samsung.
Out of the ashes, however, smaller, nimbler phoenixes have risen over the last year to help Liverpool and the North West once more become a potential hotbed of innovation and opportunity.
Oracle, led by billionaire Larry Ellison, has been focusing on cloud software to fend off competition from nimbler rivals such as Salesforce.
The new 50:50 weight distribution,the longer wheelbase and the improved aerodynamics all help to make the car feel nimbler and more balanced.
But, packaged in a smaller company, the publishers will become nimbler at a time when the internet has so dramatically stemmed their traditional revenue streams.
Over generations, the mortal threat of speeding cars appears to have made the birds nimbler fliers by shortening their wings.