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A safe assumption for any Lebanese observer is therefore that our bankers will have to be at their nimblest, smartest, and most responsible in order to preserve health and growth of their institutions in this emerging global financial environment.
Hyperspectral image analysis has bloomed into one of the puissant and nimblest augmenting technologies in remote sensing domain for recent years.
The Adirondack might be the nimblest production bolt-action rifle on the market.
However, some argue CFPB is simply enforcing business practices and encouraging technology solutions that the nimblest players have been adopting over the past couple of decades.
How many of even the nimblest and most articulate of us--poets, novelists, actors, grammarians, English professors--would willingly go mano a mano with Winston Churchill in, say, a debate at the Oxford Union?
His mesmes rising skills as an outside-half included a devastating acceleration that rocketed him past the outstretched hands of back-row forwards and a sidestep that left the nimblest defenders feeling like turkeys carved up for Christmas.
Even the nimblest terrier may not be able to escape the strike of a rattlesnake, and depending on the potency of the venom, the bite can result in anything from debilitating injury to death, even with intensive veterinary treatment.
However, the nimblest regional LTL carriers can often understand their costs better than the more broad-reaching nationals and, therefore, price business to earn an appropriate return.
One gets the feeling that even the nimblest directors would have struggled to craft this outlandish, jumbled story into something that hits the emotional pressure points for which it aims, and Foster, while a capable and sensitive director, isn't up to the task.
Big brands continued to outperform, while the nimblest of the small own-label producers stole the market from weaker rivals, despite falling food inflation and subdued demand.
Kushler, who is chief technology officer of Swype, estimates that the software can improve even the nimblest text-messager's pace by 20 to 30 percent.