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With three body styles, seven trim levels and no fewer than 38 versions of the little car to choose from, drivers looking for the nimblest and smoothest of the newcomers may be tempted by the GT "warm hatch" and flagship diesel, the 1.
The emerging video market transforms media; it involves all players along the media chain, from the largest of global media enterprises to the nimblest of start-up innovators.
And its gigantic three-metre flippers gave it enough speed to overtake the nimblest prey.
Tomorrow some of the country's most nimblest fingers will be battling it out at at the Rubik's UK Open Championship, which will be held in the Novotel Hotel, Broad Street, Birmingham.
David Benson goes so far as to describe Sir Thopas as "art at its nimblest," concluding that while the narrative and thematics of the tale are lacking, the craft of the poem is superb (31).
The last heat was a showdown between the nimblest of the nibblers.
Even at the age of 65 (the year before his death), Somervile was still claiming to be the nimblest huntsman in the neighbourhood, and won a pounds 50 wager to prove it.
Soon after a poor back header by Celtic's Mark Barnard fell into the path of Brian Quailey and it needed the nimblest of saves at the second attempt from Pettinger to keep the striker out.
THE BIG FINISH: We'd like to think that the championship from the ``Dancing With the Stars: Dance-Off'' is awarded based on outstanding grace, rhythm, form and finesse, but it may be decided instead by whose fans had the nimblest fingers for call-in or point-and-click voting.
This will take fewer than three--and that is a turnaround that will test even the fastest-moving and most nimblest organizations," Yashiv noted.
Gudjohnsen's goal to give the visitors a deserved lead on the half-hour had been elegant in its build-up - Emmanuel Petit playing a cute through-ball - and sublime in its execution, the blond forward gliding past Roy Keane before applying the nimblest of touches to beat the advancing Fabien Barthez.
In summary, risk in Japan's retail industry will remain high, with the smartest, nimblest, and financially strongest players most likely to gain at the expense of those that fail to keep pace,'' S&P said.