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None of those explanations above account for the clustering of NIMs seen in the United States, only the formation of individual cities.
KRS Nair, Director of Education and Training at NIMS Dubai, was joined by RSM Ghalib, Director at Central School, Dubai; CPM Koya, Vice-Principal of NIMS Dubai; Nusky Jamal, Principal of NIMS Sharjah; Rajan Job, President of the Indian Basketball Society, UAE; and Ajith Kumar, Headmaster of NIMS Sharjah, at the prize presentation.
NCBC continues to believe that NIMs will only improve by about 5bps in 2014E.
Keane said it expects revenue for the first quarter of 2004 to be between $205m and $210m, including $3m from the Nims purchase, with earnings of between $0.
Nims makes clear his credo, quoting approvingly Mallarme's rebuke to a later artist-author, "Poetry, my dear Degas, is not made out of ideas; it is made out of words" (161).
Among large regional banks, Comerica reported a 9bp NIM decline quarter over quarter.
Nims is a three-sport captain (varsity golf, indoor and outdoor track) at Oakmont.
He adds that the Venus study suggests NIMS will have similar success examining Jupiter and its four largest moons, including volcanically active 10.
The evaluation determined that StandTo[TM] meets all applicable NIMS criteria - Emergency Support, Hazards, Preparedness, Communications and Information Management, and Command and Management.
But with some voracious home support, NIMS nudged ahead 20-18 in the final quarter to successfully defend their title.
Nims and his wife Patricia of Worcester and Nancy A.
Lehman Brothers Small Balance Commercial Mortgage Trust NIMS 2005-2 class N2 (CUSIP 50180AAB0);