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This study analyzes why NIMs cluster through a two-part examination into NIMs, including: (1) an empirical analysis of clustering versus non-clustering NIMs established between January 1, 1990 and December 31, 2009; and (2) four in-depth case studies of well-populated urbanized NIM clusters.
Nair also released the Silver Jubilee souvenir of the NIMS Trophy Basketball Tournament during the function, after which the leading basketball players of NIMS Sharjah from 1989 onwards were felicitated.
The NIMS offers the option for centralized licensing by maintaining individual license numbers as probes (or Observer consoles) are activated across the network.
In the Gardner meet, Nims zipped around the track in the 400 hurdle race, finishing in 59.
These forward-looking statements include the anticipated results, synergies and future opportunities, timetable for integration and other expected benefits of Keane's acquisition of Nims Associates, Inc.
He adds that the Venus study suggests NIMS will have similar success examining Jupiter and its four largest moons, including volcanically active 10.
A comprehensive NIMS evaluation of StandTo[TM] was conducted in August as part of the Supporting Technology Evaluation Project (STEP).
NIMS led the first quarter 20-7 with Anees Zubair piercing through the DPS, Dubai defence while Umair Khan regularly scored from offensive rebounds.
Nims and his wife Patricia of Worcester and Nancy A.
In addition to attracting the interest of rating agencies, the structural enhancements have played a vital role in the improving market performance of NIMS, which has been the case with most of these Standard & Poor's rated transactions.
Lehman Brothers Small Balance Commercial Mortgage Trust NIMS 2005-2 class N2 (CUSIP 50180AAB0);
In other matches, Hustlers recorded a crucial 68-50 win over Michi Sports City Fives, while NIMS Sharjah beat DPS Sharjah 45-35 in the under-19 inter-school boys competition.