nip in the bud

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He gave the black he had ridden a nip of trade-gin.
Jerry had never forgotten the ecstasy of the hair, unmistakably doggy in scent, which had filled his mouth at his one successful nip.
He was no teetotaler, and welcomed a stiff nip any time when it was wet work in the boats.
It was nip and tuck across to the Contra Costa Hills, neither of us seeming to gain or to lose.
Sometimes, however, a nip on his hind-quarters hastened his retreat and made it anything but stately.
Maud admired Tom with all her heart, and made a little slave of herself to him, feeling well repaid if he merely said, "Thank you, chicken," or did n't pinch her nose, or nip her ear, as he had a way of doing, "just as if I was a doll, or a dog, and had n't got any feelings," she sometimes said to Fanny, when some service or sacrifice had been accepted without gratitude or respect.
Supper over, the tables dormant were cleared away as by magic and trestles and bancals arranged around the blazing fire, for there was a bitter nip in the air.
He was doubtless a pleasant conceited fellow, and of a very sharp wit," says a writer about sixty years later, "exceeding bold, and would nip to the very quick when he once set hold.
I can't help imagining that perhaps just as we get to the middle, they'll crumple up like a jack-knife and nip us.
Ah, naughty, naughty, would you take a nip at the gentleman?
Let us have a nip on it," Watson said to Witberg, as they left the courtroom; but that outraged person refused to lock arms and amble to the nearest saloon.
Too good to last," Anne told herself with a little sigh, on the September day when a certain nip in the wind and a certain shade of intense blue on the gulf water said that autumn was hard by.