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Virgil's Nisus puts just such a question to Euryalus:
Jeff Lloyd, Nisus Corporate Vice President of Research & Development and inventor of the product.
He will be the savior of low-lying Italy,/ for which maiden Camilla, Euryalus,/Turnus, and Nisus died of their wounds.
IN RESPONSE to WP Richards' letter "Birds Scared Away" (October 8), the sparrowhawk accipiter nisus is natively a woodland and hillside bird, albeit now commonly found widespread.
In this book, the Roman poet tells a story clearly inspired by Achilles and Patroclus, the episode of Nisus and his beloved Euryalus.
113) Moreover, part of the dialogue deals with game culture, not in the context of unequal men and women, but in that of the unequally deserving male contestants in the games of the Aeneid 5, in which Aeneas justly rewards some (Euryalus and Diores), but courteously rewards others (Salius, Nisus, Acestes) who had not truly won.
One common brand name to look for is Nisus Bora-Care, but any pesticide with boric acid or borax listed as an active ingredient will do just fine.
CHEMICALS: disodium octaborate tetrahydrate was provided by Nisus Corporation in the form of a 40.
A crowd soon formed at Gosforth Social Services in Lansdowne Terrace East, Newcastle, around noon yesterday to see the Sparrowhawk, Latin name Accipiter nisus.
9) In imitation of great literary models (here Nisus and Euryalus in Virgil's Aeneid), (10) Giton grabs a razor, dramatically moves it to slash his throat, and falls to the ground, drop-dead.
Stephen Guy-Bray locates a Virgilian subtext in the Davideis by comparing the friendship between David and Jonathan to that of the loving pair Nisus and Euryalus in the Aeneid (35).