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Samples removed from the surface of specimens exposed to nitric acid solution were subjected to scanning electron microscopy to identify the changes in microstructure due to interaction of geopolymer mortars with nitric acid.
Figure 2 shows the variation of residual compressive strength with apparent porosity for different geopolymer mortar specimens after 24 weeks immersion in 10% Nitric acid solution.
2000) employed solid acid catalysts for liquid phase nitration of toluene with 30-70 mole % nitric acid with azeotropic removal of water.
In this present study the nitric acid treatment of 316LVM alloy has been undertaken and the conditions are optimized.
Last month, the exit road to the M50 was blocked off when two trucks collided and nitric acid spilled from one of them.
Mr Puzey said alcohol and nitric acid, when mixed, produced a very energetic action - but staff at Morgan Matroc had a very low awareness of the risk of allowing the two substances to come into contact.
After silo gas is inhaled, it dissolves in the moisture of the lungs to form nitric acid.
STEP 2 When nitric acid and water are added, uranium separates as a solid.
Lightly etch specimens with 2-4% nitric acid (HN[O.
These chemicals react with moisture in the atmosphere to make sulfuric and nitric acid, which then falls back to the Earth as precipitation--acid rain, acid snow, even acid fog.
These hydroxyl radicals will either react with impurities in the air to break them down or react at night with nitrogen dioxide to form nitric acid, which is either washed out of the atmosphere by rain or broken down by sunlight the next day into hydroxyl radicals, nitric oxide, and atomic oxygen.
In addition, nitric acid under these same severe conditions caused severe degradation.