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They reported that acetic strains had better efficiency than other strains in nodulation and nitrogen fixation and soybean line was superior to Williams cultivar due to better coexistence and adaptation in the region.
Unkovich M (2012) Nitrogen fixation in Australian dairy systems: review and prospect.
This observation indicates differences in the nitrogen fixation rates of the studied species.
The researchers tracked changes in nitrogen fixation in the North Atlantic Ocean by measuring the fixed nitrogen contained in the shells of marine animals recovered from sediment in the Caribbean Sea.
Along the way, the research team discovered a novel nitrogen fixation process.
Currently he is involved in a project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to apply nitrogen fixation to smallholder agricultural practice in Africa.
Others consider such topics as the effect of abiotic stresses on growth, metabolic alterations, and tolerance mechanisms in rice crops; the potential impact of biological nitrogen fixation and organic fertilization on corn growth and yield in low-external-input systems, the distribution and risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in soils and corns around Zhonguam Oil Field, China; low-temperature effects on the early development of corn seedlings; wrongful exploitation and terminator technology; and modeling maize production and the impact of climate change on maize yields in Croatia.
Among these organisms are ones found in legumes, so CO use is tied to nitrogen fixation.
Using broad-range PCR primers for the dinitrogenase reductase gene (nifH), involved in nitrogen fixation, we identified four distinct phylotypes that appear to be widely distributed in specimens from periodontitis patients.
But the great bulk of nitrogen fixation is performed by soil bacteria of two kinds: those that live free in the soil and those that live enclosed in nodules in the roots of certain leguminous plants (e.
Ailanthus altissima, Allelopathy, and Nitrogen Fixation in Legumes: How One Invasive Species is Potentially Securing Its Success.