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Sesbania and Rhizobium symbiosis: nodulation and nitrogen fixation.
Siddique & Bal (1991) reported that peanut is privileged by BNF, since plants are able to maintain nitrogen fixation even with poor supply of photosynthates.
Yield and nitrogen fixation response by drought tolerant Tepary Bean Phaselous acutifolus A Gray var.
For example, to assist a joint USDA and N2Africa project to improve soybean production in Ghana in 2014, Elia carefully selected a mix of several strains from the collection that he thought could provide excellent nitrogen fixation, work well in an agricultural system that does not use mechanized farming equipment, and survive the area's harsh climate.
Biological nitrogen fixation by the diazotrophs is an energy involving process and about 64-86 % of the carbon released into the rhizosphere is respired by microorganisms (Hutsch et al.
For his role in theoretically imagining a route for nitrogen fixation, something every chemist knows as the Haber-Bosch process (realized first by English chemist Robert Le Rossignol), Fritz Haber won the 1918 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
The bacteria responsible for nitrogen fixation in association with legumes are gram-negative soil bacteria from the genera Rhizobium and Bradyrhizobium.
This anthropogenic addition of nitrogen has reached a magnitude comparable to about half of global ocean nitrogen fixation (the natural process by which atmospheric nitrogen gas becomes a useful nutrient for organisms).