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Effect of nitrous acid on lung function in asthmatics: a chamber study.
Previous research has established that up to one third of the hydroxyl radicals formed in the lower atmosphere come from the photochemical breakdown of nitrous acid (HONO).
To test their idea, they measured the concentration of HONO - a chemical term for gaseous nitrous acid - that escaped from a defined volume of arable soil.
Unvented gas appliances are the main source of nitrous acid indoors.
Since most vehicle engines emit some nitrous acid that can infiltrate the passenger compartments, tests were also conducted on surfaces inside the truck of a heavy smoker, including the surface of a stainless steel glove compartment.
Nitrous acid (HONO) is one of the possible gaseous products of heterogeneous N[O.
Laboratory studies of the kinetics of formation of nitrous acid from the thermal reaction of nitrogen dioxide and water vapour.