no longer fashionable

See: outdated
References in classic literature ?
It is no longer fashionable to trim them with knitted lace.
Compt Jibril said it was no longer fashionable to insist on this number of containers per day when it has become glaring that there's an upsurge in container traffic at the ports.
For the last 10 years of his life, deemed no longer fashionable enough to be on the box, Beadle became a kind of outcast.
Evidently, the view that the early modern state owes its existence to new modes of warfare is no longer fashionable among leading scholars of the nation-state.
I think the main reason investors are staying out of the stock market is because it is no longer fashionable. As Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, the Gap and Sylvester Stallone have learned to their immense sorrow, the American public is capable of turning on a dime, and once the public has decreed that a person or product is no longer "cool," the smell of death sets in.
It is simply because the society is no longer fashionable and so insufficient money is coming in.
In the texts, the artist works hard to anticipate and deflect criticisms: that he can't paint, that he can't write, that he is insincere, that he is no longer fashionable, that he will be forgotten.
"Though it is no longer fashionable to say it," says the outspoken Robinson, "I am obsessively black.
It's no longer fashionable. The choreographers have gone, the superstars have departed, and our dancing founding fathers and mothers are, more and more, gazing back in despair from their own particular Olympus in the skies.
"But if they lose their bread and butter supporters what happens when the game is no longer fashionable?"
I am fully aware of the fact that the word is no longer fashionable, but it's not easy to find a substitute when you're describing, say, what George Boas and Lovejoy called "primitivism" in talking about classical antiquity.