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BAY, or Laurus nobilis, is a muchused herb in winter soups, stews and stocks.
1% sale of four management companies which oversee three ambulatory surgery centres and one surgical hospital at a combined enterprise value of USD 120m to US-based healthcare development and management company Nobilis Health Corp.
The Steatoda nobilis (false widow) spider, native to Madeira and the Canary islands, is believed to have arrived on British shores via a cargo transporter before 1879.
Healthcare company Nobilis Health Corp (NYSE American:HLTH) disclosed on Wednesday its net income of USD1.
A 4-year-old, male Halm's macaw (Diopsittaca nobilis nobilis) was presented to the Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center for progressive lethargy and falling from its perch.
ABSTRACT The fan mussel Pinna nobilis is threatened by several anthropogenic disturbances that are only partially mitigated by current conservation measures.
Kenneth Efird, president of Nobilis, said, 'Hamilton Vein Center not only increases our in-network patient volume mix to over 60%, but its six facilities enhance our network of physicians, allowing Nobilis to generate additional surgical case volume and revenue while maintaining its commitment to high quality, concierge health care service patient experiences.
Burton, a member of Australia's bronze medal-winning team at the Rio Olympics last month, held a commanding lead with Nobilis 18 following Saturday's crosscountry phase.
The white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, is a commercially important member of the Sciaenidae that has experienced historic exploitation by fisheries off the coast of southern California.
Gambusia nobilis occur at high densities in their native habitat and commonly aggregate around spawning pupfish pairs, suggesting that they might be preying upon newly deposited eggs of C.