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Without these self-imposed targets, the vision becomes a noble-minded wish-list of the sort that nobody could possibly speak out against.
Smith Goes to Washington," in which a noble-minded senator uses the filibuster to fight the entrenched interests in Washington.
The Tribune imagined its readership as equally noble-minded and aspiring; its architectural competition broke with a cycle of lotteries and giveaways by the competing papers to create a circulation gimmick that appealed not to greed but rather to the reader's sense of civic pride and cultural ambition.
Those unfamiliar with the little Rock lawyer might be tempted to relegate him to the status of a noble-minded policy wonk promoting lofty notions like truth, justice and the American way.
Hughes's is sprinkled with minor mistakes: 'noble-hearted' for Q's 'noble-minded' at I.1.209, 'from' for 'from among' at IV.1.44, 'whit' for 'a whit' at IV.2.53, 'like' for 'like to' at IV.2.155, 'Titus' for 'old Titus' at V.3.141, and 'aloof ' for 'all aloof ' at V.3.150.
The reader familiar with nineteenth-century literary prescriptions of female purity also sees in her death the traditional fate of the seduced woman: However well-meaning and noble-minded, Clotel has agreed to live with Horatio out of wedlock (84).
As we need to 'decolonize the mind' (think of young Gandhi trying to dress and act like an English man), we need to 'de-Brahminize the mind' too (rejecting the view that only a Brahmin can be enlightened and noble-minded).
There's a Robin Hood feel to our bunch of characters that is very different from the usual noble-minded kind of sensibility.