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could only attain its end by the general cultivation of nobleness of character....' The limiting word 'only' tells us that for Mill, nobleness of character is not only a necessary condition for the attainment of the goals of utilitarianism.
Goncharov interprets the work in much the same way when he writes in his Notes: "Don Quixote with his fearlessness and kindness, purity of his heart and nobleness of his behavior makes people achieve the highest point of the positive qualities that the can demonstrate" (278).
A good number of post-Vietnam, post-Cold, and now post-Gulf War critics have emphasized how the supposed liberation and benign transformations of Scotland ominously repeat gestures of beheading (of the traitor Macdonwald), of "Hailing" and coronation (of Macbeth, and at Scone), and of politically expedient granting of titles (Malcolm's naming of his Thanes as Earls recalling his father Duncan's promise of "signs of nobleness" to "all deservers" (1.4.41-42)) made earlier in the play.
NNA - Culture Minister, Dr Ghattas Khoury, on Friday extolled the merits of the late renowned caricaturist Pierre Sadeq as a free, inspiring and resourceful man who strongly believed in the nobleness of his innovative artistic march.
Hamas, the Islamist movement that dominates the small, impoverished enclave, issued a statement praising the Barhoum family's action as illustrating "its nobleness and deep affiliation with the (anti-Israel) resistance".
With regard to their continuity in Present-Day English, all the forms are collected in the OED, but those with -HOOD are now obsolete (blessedness / [dagger]blessedhead; darkness / [dagger]darkhead; evenness / [dagger]evenhead; fullness / [dagger]fullhead; ghostliness /[dagger]ghostlihead; kindness / [dagger]kindhead; lustiness / [dagger]lustihead; mickleness / [dagger]micklehead-[dagger]micklehood; newness / [dagger]newhead; nobleness / [dagger]noblehead; unkindness /[dagger]unkindhead; wickedness / [dagger]wickedhead).
Of the disputacyon of nobleness. & is deuyded in two ptyes / to be played at ii.
Almost fifty years after the event, Arthur Wilson writes as if still in mourning of "A Prince as eminent in Nobleness as in Blood, and having a spirit too full of life and splendour to be long shrouded in a cloud of Flesh.
If we are to accept Aristotle's argument that a virtuous person makes decision to do a virtuous action, how do we then account for a virtue such as nobleness that is earned as a result of birth and good up-bringing?
Deer frames termination as something that not only devastated the Menominee people, but as a policy that risks undermining the United States' global geo-political prowess as well as the centrality of the Midwest in grounding the virtues of nobleness and virtue.
He approached the piece, which has--undeservedly--been performed on Czech stages far less frequently than Respighi's Antice danze et arie, with his typical nobleness, and led the Czech Chamber Orchestra to play it with fine jest and hyperbole, all the while maintaining smart proportions.