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The example and commitment of these three leaders has indeed made each of us nobler and stronger.
What you express makes up what you are and nobler expression makes you a nobler person.
Applications envisioned by them are nobler than WoW though, with plans for rehabilitation and fitness programs.
Could UFOs have a much nobler goal in mind for humanity?
Rachel Corrie's shoe itself is nobler than all the Likudniks combined, from Israel to New York City, and equally nobler are the organizations that defend the rights of the Palestinians, which the extremists attacked.
The premier, who today checked on the seven-storey apartment building which collapsed in Wadi Seer on Wednesday, said it is necessary to revamp mechanism of renewing construction permits to safeguard "souls of citizens, an objective nobler than fast financial profit based on fraud".
Philosophy is a nobler calling and practices a nobler method.
Our objective is much nobler and greater than that.
The nobler course would be to insist on a just treatment of the Jews wherever they are born and bred.
Presumably what underlies the difference between the two is the old erroneous idea that priesthood is a nobler state of life than is marriage.
Too bad that, in reality, he's a serial offender whose contrition is inspired by nothing nobler than self-pity.
According to the publisher: 'Having endured nearly a century of harsh weather and official government neglect, the scientific headquarters still symbolise the nobler aspects of human nature .