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In her 1794 farce, Robinson addresses the state of the nation through the trope of the Nobody, but, rather than foreground political Nobodies, as these images do, she foregrounds sartorial ones.
"In this life, pal, most of us are nobodies. It doesn't matter what your name is.
His new book, Somebodies and Nobodies, grew out of that experience.
Talk-radio host Jeremy Alderson is devoting an hour per month of his show to phone calls from America's "nobodies "--the poor, the homeless, drug users, and welfare recipients.
By confusing nobodies with Superstars, and vice versa, through the magic of media overexposure, Warhol performed the ultimate public service by setting up secondhand experience, identities, and feelings as the jackpot, rather than the consolation prize that Reality keeps on giving us.
Adams chose the memoirs for her article, but these and other memoirs by "nobodies" did tell stories of falling in love, marriages, weddings, middle age.