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uk We've all tried counting them, now here's a soft toy version to snuggle with to help little nippers nod off.
MILLIONS of commuters nod off on the train home and many are still snoring when they get to their stops, says a survey.
THOSE suffering sleeplessness are more likely to count shoes and sexual conquests than sheep to help them nod off.
Bren and I used to hate it when our parents started to nod off in the chair on such occasions but I am afraid I have now succumbed to the habit.
But the early starts seem to be catching up with blonde Kate, 33, who appeared to nod off while sitting on the steps of a church in Notting Hill, West London.
Laura Schlessinger's] show will inspire viewers to do is nod off.
Triazolam reduced by about 30 percent the time it took them to nod off and increased their total sleep time.
The study showed four in 10 struggle to fall asleep, with the average person taking 46 minutes to nod off.
Doctors say sex before bedtime is the ideal way to nod off.