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Thank heaven for short stories--they provide all the pleasures of a novel, but you can start and finish one before you nod off to sleep.
More school-specific manners include not interrupting, asking permission for bathroom breaks and, puh-lease, resist the urge to nod off.
If you typically nod off during the day, ask yourself one simple question: am I getting enough sleep at night?
Surrealism's scabrous shock of unconscious desires made visible has become common fare for generations that nod off nightly in front of the madcap, hallucinatory special effects of MTV.
Try not to nod off at the wheel, or facedown in soup.
and you've had almost no sleep, your health is at risk and your baby just won't fall asleep, you'll do almost anything to help your baby nod off.
The study showed four in 10 struggle to fall asleep, with the average person taking 46 minutes to nod off.
The frustration that can occur when you want to nod off but simply cannot is beyond compare.
Almost a quarter - 24 per cent - claimed they struggled to nod off three nights a week compared to just 18 per cent of men.