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The row was sparked after a number of people at the hearing in Seaton Sluice Community Centre thought that Mr Davison had nodded off.
An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said: "During the cruise phase one of the two operating pilots nodded off twice for around a minute and woke spontaneously.
Three people from the North East were among those killed when Hart's Land Rover plummeted on to the East Coast Mainline and was hit by a train after he nodded off at the wheel.
He starred in Champagne Charlie - and Hugh Grant looked a proper Charlie when he almost nodded off at BIBA's fashion show with Jemima Khan.
I was coming down and just nodded off,'' said Patrick Coffee, 37, who was traveling from Porterville to San Pedro.
The possibility is that Thorneycroft either nodded off or he was in a trance-like state.
The other five were too lazy and tired to do any extra preparation, but boy would they be sorry because the bridegroom was late, and, while the maidens nodded off, their lamps burned out.
IT looks like Jessica Simpson has had enough and decided to take some much-needed rest and nodded off.
He is said to have told TV reporters he briefly nodded off at the wheel.
Chaplain then had a header nodded off the line by David Dunn before Forfar, who were on a three game winning streak, were denied by a great tip over save from John Hillcoat.
I nodded off after 55 minutes and woke up as the credits were rolling.
The court also noticed the man had jerked his head abruptly from time to time as if he were nodding off or had nodded off and was awakening.