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Miss Nodding, Mrs Stoker and Mr Bryant were questioned by police at the request of the Coroner's office, but the investigation concluded there were no suspicious circumstances.
He spends the more sedentary stretches nodding out in women's clothing, not comprehending pitches from visiting Mormons and Yellow Pages salesmen, and ignoring his entourage's barely coherent pleas to turn on the heat or listen to a just-composed song or some such needy thing.
She heard," Aunt Ida said, nodding her head in a slow steady beat, like the preacher leaning back and forth to music.
It's all here in a tour de force that will have experienced heads laughing, then nodding in tight-lipped "been there" agreement.
The Nodding Hill Brewery of Philadelphia has joined with the bistro Fork to continue a beer dinner series in which Spanish Tapas meals are paired with beer.
By nodding her head, she approved only 38 of the 40.
The 12 who were the sleepiest at the study's start, nodding off after six minutes or less during the initial MSLT naps, improved the most.
The Directors of Nodding Donkey accept responsibility for the content of this announcement.