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Many people also found themselves nodding off in the early evening while watching TV.
Danger: Nodding off for just a second or two at the wheel can kill as easily as drinking a bottle of scotch before driving home, a survey has revealed.
There's the horrible sense, when your eyes spring open at 5am, that you just know that's you awake until you have to get up, coupled with the awful feeling of nodding off at five-to-eight when you have to be at work for nine.
These probably took place during sleep paralysis, a short period of total body paralysis than can occur just before nodding off or upon awakening, Spanos maintains.
To recognize daytime sleepiness in children, parents should be aware if their kids are not concentrating, nodding off during quiet activities or having trouble waking up in the morning.
The record-breaking chart star, who may be struggling with her own sleep patterns after giving birth last month, was found to be the most effective soundtrack for nodding off.
SLEEP-deprived punters have a nightmare time nodding off and are then likely to wake up at 3.
If you're having trouble nodding off, and counting sheep and lullabies aren't quite having the desired effect, let us show you a pick of six gadgets designed to help you doze off, achieve a deeper sleep and have yourself in peak condition when the alarm bell rings.
NODDING off during a boring business meeting is nothing unusual - one third of staff in a survey admitted doing it.
Thanks to their new spot atop the college football world, nodding off might be something the Longhorns no longer have the time to do.
The claim follows independent analysis of road accident statistics showing that 17 per cent of deaths and serious injuries are caused by drivers nodding off at the wheel, in comparison to four per cent for speeding.
A LONG-DISTANCE lorry driver from Liverpool has invented a unique early warning system to prevent drivers nodding off at the wheel.