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There were 17 females and 16 males (Figure 1) presenting with solitary nodule with overall mean (+SD) age of 43.
Moreover, upon imaging the thyroid by ultrasound, CT, or MRI, the prevalence of a thyroid nodule is close to 40%.
We examined the final histopathology reports for (1) the presence of carcinoma, (2) whether the carcinoma was isolated/unifocal or multifocal, (3) the histologic type of cancer, and (4) whether the isolated/unifocal cancers arose from the dominant or nondominant nodule.
In the patient who developed Horner syndrome, the nodule that was treated with RFA was close to the middle cervical sympathetic ganglion (mCSG).
a nodule smaller than 5 mm, less than 1% malignancy risk
Each of the biopsied nodule was subsequently placed into one of five categories on the basis of sonographic features i.
As the authors explained, "Points are given for all the ultrasound features in a nodule, with more suspicious features being awarded additional points.
Thyroid nodule patients with low risk should be kept under observation and clinical follow up and do cytological investigations but in high risk cases, management has to be more aggressive.
This creates a burden on healthcare systems and a complex management problem, which is exacerbated by hospital IT infrastructure not designed to capture nodule patients.
Seedlings were counted for nodulation and efficiency depending on appearance of nodules, nodule color and growth characteristics, including seedling length (cm), seedling diameter (mm), number of leaves and nodules per seedling.
An x-ray of his ribs performed after a fall shows a 13-mm solitary nodule in his right upper lung.
Patient gender, age, nodule location, and nodule size (as determined by US or, in one case, computed tomography because the nodule was so large), the FNAC results, and the final pathology results were collected retrospectively from the electronic medical records.