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Country: United States of America
State: Indiana

I got a noise ordinance fine a couple of years ago. I didnt go to court because I moved before the summons got there. Now I have a warrant for that county and I need to know what I'm in for. What does an infraction followed by failure to appear in court end up with as far as penalties. I want to take care of it but if it means I will be in jail then there's no deal. They tell me to pay them a bond and then go to court but what will happen in court? I thought they would give me a fine anywhere up to $500 but can jail time accompany that even if you dont have a record? I'm really distressed and just found this out today.


They are not normally going to give jail time for a noise issue, especially if you voluntarily appear to resolve this-
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Conditions include no music speakers on the court and lights out at 10 p.m., as per the village's noise ordinance. Flame Amur maple trees whose leaves turn bright red in fall and boxwood bushes will be planted as landscaping, Pub 72 co-owner Brian Zirlin said.
Our noise ordinance in Stamford was related to complaints--noise annoyance rather than hearing hazard risks.
In September 2016, Krista McClellan, an opera singer who often performs on public sidewalks in Alexandria, was arrested for violating the city's noise ordinance. In response, she filed a five-count complaint against the city and the arresting officer.
The airport provides limited, secondary commercial air service for the greater Los Angeles area, with its largely origin and destination (O&D) traffic (97%) capped by total carrier slots determined by local noise ordinance. Though enplanements recently rebounded by over 35% in fiscal 2017 to 1.8 million due to the entrance of new major carriers and the city's addition of nine carrier slots, a high degree of concentration risk still exists with JetBlue, representing 78% of total enplanements.
(49) Opium's owners' defense was that they are "simply operating the business that they were licensed to operate." (50) The influx of objections prioritized the problem of noise pollution for city officials and led to discussions of passing a new noise ordinance. (51) As residents and business owners agreed, this was an extremely sensitive and controversial issue.
(12) Mayer Landrieu stated that he would increase enforcement of certain laws and later stated he would scale back enforcement of the noise ordinance; he succeeded in both increasing and decreasing enforcement.
As mandated by the City of Long Beach noise ordinance, the demolition work will begin no earlier than 8AM each day, with work occurring from 8:00 a.m.
Eugene needs an electronic noise ordinance with teeth, empowered by new laws.
Heck, when I was 271 wore earplugs to a Ted Nugent concert that turned out to be the loudest concert in Michigan history, resulting in a new noise ordinance being enacted.
The city's sporadically enforced noise ordinance has become a frequent catalyst for battles between clubs and neighborhood associations.
Even so, the clatter from the underworked diesel seemed loud enough to get us arrested with a noise ordinance infraction.