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Much depends, however, upon a correct attitude of the body, the capacity for retention and expulsion of the breath in any required volume or degree, and the ability to perform the mechanical functions of the breathing apparatus either slowly or quickly, as may be needed, with the same subconscious, automatic accuracy, smoothness, and noiselessness of operation.
George Hanover Square reported that the experimental wood paving in Piccadilly had 'worn exceedingly well, and apart from the questions of expense, there can be no doubt that for safety, cleanliness, and noiselessness, this description of pavement is preferable to any other.
Its noiselessness is said to make it suitable for laboratories.
For 45 minutes, South Africa's dressing room was silent, a noiselessness made all the more eerie by the jubilant sounds from next door.
Very soon, the apparently unconnected details of the guest's elusive attitude, noiselessness, heavy eyelids, paleness of complexion and silver-colored attire all combine to underpin the initial picture of the stealthy grey feline-now more discernibly a she-cat "dragging its belly" (203).
Their relative noiselessness, practicality, and simplicity appeal to many drivers.