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A neighbour, too afraid to be named, said: "They are the noisiest neighbours in the country.
Parents of the group's singers say they have already created a stir in London, being the noisiest families on the programme.
Nac's fans have a reputation for being some of the noisiest and most committed in Holland, with night-time games at their 16,400-capacity home particularly renowned for the superb atmosphere.
The $400,000 in state funds will cover work on about 50 homes under the noisiest flight paths.
An industry-leading 90dB beeper provides audible feedback in even the noisiest of environments.
A MERSEYSIDE family fear they could end up living in Britain's noisiest home.
Resurfacing work is due to start next week on one of the noisiest roads in South Tyneside.
It meets regularly at Llanishen BaptistChurch Hall in Fidlas Road, Llanishen, where it recently staged one of its noisiest functions of the year: the double-trouble Christmas party.
A SCOTS motorway has been branded one of the noisiest roads in Britain.
Opened this summer, the Beach House also may be one of the noisiest restaurants in town.
These achievements include voice quality enhancement software that pairs noise reduction and compensation to make it easy for both parties to hear each other during mobile phone conversations, in even the noisiest environments.
IT'S official, Belfast has the noisiest neighbours in Northern Ireland.