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The parent was then told to noisily go to bed to reassure the baby that they were in the same room, and pretend to go to sleep, but to try not to react to any crying.
An impending sense of dread prevails and although the ending will leave you bemused, the tank battles are immersive and noisily thrilling.
1 Cry noisily (7) 2 Dubiousness (14) 3 Embedded (6) 4 Pack away (cargo) (4) 5 Boot--shaper (4,4) 6 Most up-t-date (6) 9 Information link (5,9) 10 Look after an empty home (5--3) 15 Building (8) 18 Blameless, guilt-free (20 Fables (7) 21 In a new or different way (6) 23 Contact by phone (4,2) 26 Valley (4) Just send your completed grid, with a note of your name and address, to: Funday Thursday Prize Xword, PO box 901, Glasgow G9 2BD.
Things progress noisily from there, involving a cat, a baby and a flock of birds.
Compare Birmingham's diminished broadcasting sector with its huge equivalent in Greater Manchester, where civic and business leaders do things more noisily.
The family knew something was amiss as soon as they heard Tia, their pet Shiatsu, barking noisily at the car.
Laker said, 'We have been talking very often and noisily with our institutions about credit standards.
These can be produced faster and less noisily by printers and telefax machines on paper, plastic and other materials, and the addition of colour will allow characters for both blind and sighted persons to be printed on the same document.
Whether racing at high speeds on the overtaking lane, cruising noisily and carelessly in leathers, or food and parcel delivery men in a rush for their next tip, motorcycles are a danger on our roads.
To sum it all up, the tables and chairs were noisily being packed up and put away behind Mr Roddick as he carried out his first TV interview.
Hairy Glasgow mob Kassidy played a noisily catchy set to a three-quarters-full Liquid Room, while at the Bongo Club, Hadouken
How about placing small cubicles throughout the airport to allow convenient seclusion for those pedants who persist in talking loudly on their mobile phones and strutting around noisily, oblivious to others, disturbing everyone's equilibrium as they walk by.