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the noisiness of this tontine fund would be reduced through (1) making
Loudness, annoyance, and noisiness produced by single-tone-noise complexes.
Some authors claim that listed private equity is strongly influenced by general stock market dynamics and, due to this noisiness, only partly reflects the behavior of the underlying portfolio companies (see, e.
215) We see further evidence of this noisiness when we turn, as we do now, to the historical experience with restricted voting in other countries.
I want to return here to the quotation cited earlier, in which the narrator credits Luciane's noisiness with bringing Ottilie out of a dangerous slide into passivity and silence.
The noisiness of PLA is caused by its molecular structure, which is more rigid than many other plastics.
Likewise, the primary, and most frequently reported, perceived effect of LFS is annoyance as opposed to the loudness or noisiness (Berglund et al.
Drucker, on the other hand, often relies on a single study, but treats its results as generally true, despite the well-known noisiness of empirical social science research.
For behaviours such as restlessness, aggression toward other children, noisiness and tantrums more than half of each group improved by one or two points on the scale.
It might also mean placing more emphasis on the noisiness of economic indicators and economic forecasts.
The noisiness of the wind contrasts sharply with the silence of the dead, and is overshadowed by the sounds of the minarets, springing the adhan (call for prayer) sound with its mystic and soothing connotations.