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A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said: 'A Nolle Prosequi is a procedure by which the Attorney General may terminate criminal proceedings.
There was uproar last year when Richard Gee, a crown court judge accused of being part of a pounds 1 million mortgage fraud, avoided trial with a nolle prosequi order.
And Mr Archer, aged 45, who runs a wholesale fruit and veg business in Pershore Street, central Birmingham, refused to be drawn on the nolle prosequi order.
The former behaved impeccably which means Clerides would be under considerable pressure to issue a nolle prosequi, which would destroy his credibility and make him look ridiculous.
But Mrs Broadhurst was spared from appearing in the dock when the Attorney-General took the rare step of issuing an ancient nolle prosequi order because she was said to be close to death.
EVERY so often a newspaper or a politician makes public a case in which the Attorney-general issued a nolle prosequi.
The state entered a nolle prosequi no prosecution in court yesterday on the original charge of soliciting a man to murder another man.
Mr Pauline Walley SC told Judge Katherine Delahunt yesterday that the DPP had instructed her to enter a nolle prosequi on the outstanding charge.
The DPP was thrust into the spotlight in 2006 after entering a nolle prosequi - a notice of abandoning the prosecution - in the retrial of Dermot Laide.
In April of last year a nolle prosequi - no prosecution - was entered by the state in Laide's case because of "ongoing evidential difficulties".
The case collapsed last April when the DPP issued a nolle prosequi.
Defence lawyer Marie Torrens asked Mr Des Zaidan, prosecuting in the "C case", to point out "the place in law" which gave the court jurisdiction to allow a nolle prosequi [drop case] to be entered.