nom de plume

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The author's name is a nom de plume of a writer who is described as a North American literary novelist.
Writing to the set subject "New Land", Ms Edwards - whose nom de plume was Eco - said her work was the result of pondering the fate of residents of Easter Island and their vanished culture.
Later he became a reporter for The Island newspaper, writing under the nom de plume Taraki and becoming an influential voice among those concerned with Tamil politics.
Dear Editor, I was angered by the ridiculous political name-calling in the recent letter from someone rejoicing in the nom de plume of 'King of the Road' (Change is only skin deep, Post Letters, May 21).
From the moment Wario decides on his nom de plume for the game, becoming the "silent but deadly" master thief The Purple Wind, it's one fart gag after another.
He added Taylor did not hide behind a nom de plume on the internet, the assault was a short "one-off" and he had not contacted the girls since.
Which prime minister has the same surname as the novelist whose nom de plume was George Orwell?
Perhaps the tendency for half-truths about himself is typified by 'Anthony Burgess', the nom de plume, invented in 1956, which makes his middle name his final name, and invents an entirely new Christian name.
The nom de plume that a puzzler uses is both a nod to the English tradition of puzzle writers and a way for participants of different backgrounds and ages to stand on even ground.
Belle is the nom de plume of a woman in her 20s from northern England who became a prostitute in London after a series of dull badly-paid jobs.
The Puppet Master, the antagonist in the movie, was still someone, but the Laughing Man may not be any particular individual; he could be a she, or a group, or independent people acting under the same nom de plume and logo.