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Working closely with the OBB team, Nomad Digital will also establish a strong regional presence to support both the delivery and the on-going management of all service delivered as part of the agreement.
Enhanced security during deployments - Nomad version 6.
Nomad is already an established supplier of advanced WiMAX and WiFi internet services for passengers and staff on board trains across the UK and North America.
Sitting inside a nomad tent, though, you'd never know it.
Malcolm Hunter, a missionary with SIM International since 1963, has worked among the nomads in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya since 1970.
While visitors to the Carnegie Science Center will be able to pilot Nomad, others can track its progress over the World Wide Web at http://img.
Jim Morris, a Nomad Sales partner, commented: "The key to our market success is understanding our customers' needs and then providing them with solutions and support.
4 million ordinary shares in the capital of Nomad (the "Shares"), representing approximately 5% of the issued ordinary share capital of Nomad.
The Office of Naval Research is showcasing the Nomad system to a variety of high-level Navy officials and members of Congress during the three-day event.
Teen-age military brats often feel isolated and confused because of the constant uprooting, said Nomad editor Susan Cassidy, whose own Air Force family moved 18 times before she was 20.
Parkes named the device NOMAD, after the guide dog belonging to a blind university student who helped Parkes develop the machine.
The device snaps on the cone of the NOMAD Pro to reduce the x-ray exposure from a 6 centimeter circle to a 3 by 4 centimeter rectangle, matching the size and shape of a #2 dental image receptor.