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An unknown number live nomadically in the forest today after contact with outside groups including missionaries led to deadly conflict and disease, the group says.
Yet even without a clear political intent or immediately transparent reference, graffiti and street art change the space itself, moving nomadically to smooth out the striated cityscape.
Guys like him are trained in counter-surveillance measures and it can be problematic." Intelligence suggests that AY is a "professional extremist" who maintains links to many, distinct Islamist groups - nomadically dedicated to spreading global jihad rather than committing himself exclusively to one particular organisation.
We dreamed nomadically. We rode our bikes from Cary to Fox River Grove, from Fox River Grove to Cary, from Cary to Crystal Lake, sometimes all the way to McHenry or Bull Valley.
His early years, spent nomadically, in different states of India where his father, an engineer with the armed forces, was posted, helped him to learn the value of rules and a regimented existence.
Cogswell's other favorite birds to run across are vagrants that nomadically roam to and from locations they shouldn't be visiting.
By using this cycle for several generations--moving from one site to another at random--it will be possible to train the slowly re-wilding population to move nomadically and not rely on any one site annually.
Instead, they are back in the bus and back to Pittodrie because the Aberdeen squad are forced to traipse nomadically around town to find a decent patch of grass to train on.
Learning along the way about how to live nomadically in the Arctic, in interdependence with dogs who are neither wholly domesticated nor feral but of necessity somewhere in between, I have come to agree with the QTC testators that there is much more to this project than memories of dogs being killed.
As someone who has lived nomadically in several different countries in the last three years alone, I know this only too well.
As someone who has lived somewhat nomadically in several different countries in the past three years alone, I know this only too well.
Augustine as her 'literary capital'" and that she "lived there somewhat nomadically from 1873 to 1879" (142).