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Trifling, token, or slight; not real or substantial; in name only.

Nominal capital, for example, refers to extremely small or negligible funds, the use of which in a particular business is incidental.


adjective cheap, cut-rate, hardly worth mention, honorary, in name only, inconsiderable, insignificant, little, low, low-priced, meager, minimum, minute, moderate, modest, nomine, petty, reduced, scanty, simple, slight, small, superficial, symbolic, titular, titulary, token, trifling, trivial, unactual, unimportant, unsubstantial
Associated concepts: nominal capital, nominal consideraaion, nominal damages, nominal defendant, nominal owner, nominal parties, nominal plaintiff, nominal value
See also: immaterial, inconsiderable, insignificant, negligible, null, trivial

NOMINAL. Relating to a name.
     2. A nominal plaintiff is one in whose name an action is brought, for the use of another. In this case, the nominal plaintiff has no control over the action, nor is he responsible for costs. 1 Dall. 1 39; 2 Watts, R. 12.
     3. A nominal partner is one, who, without having an actual interest in the profits of a concern, allows his name to be used, or agrees that it shall be continued therein, as a partner; such nominal partner is clearly liable to the creditors of the firm, as a general partner, although the creditors were ignorant at the time of dealing, that his name was used.. 2 H. Bl. 242, 246; 1 Esp. R. 31; 2 Campb. 302; 16 East, R. 174; 2 B. & C. 411.

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quasipublic executives--nominally private and nominally public--to
Each warrant is awarded cost-free and entitles the owner to subscribe one share of nominally DKK1 subject to payment of the exercise price.
And thus the present culture is only nominally Christian, hardly distinguishable from secularism.
shareholder and FC1 is a CFC, and hence both are nominally subject to the CFC regime.
Initial measurements using the new spectrometer have been made on films with intentionally created defects and nominally uniform films.
Founders of the women's music movement in the 1970's, Williamson and Fure were nominally a duo, but Williamson's greater fame and diva tendencies kept her the focus of their concerts.
The first was nominally effective in September, which means Oct.
com, nominally based on a computer game of the same name, is more propaganda piece than novel.
Fallon traces this system of shared power to Milton's understanding of the French monarchy, which was nominally ruled in the 1650s by the child-king Louis XIV but whose real power had been delegated by the Queen Mother to Cardinal Mazarin.
Russian Paquitas are only nominally Spanish, and few companies make this formulaic set of variations stylish or ingratiating.
The incremental investment tax credit will add complexity to the tax code while benefiting taxpayers only nominally.
After the reduction the company's share capital is nominally DKK105,400,000, divided into shares of DKK2.