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Trifling, token, or slight; not real or substantial; in name only.

Nominal capital, for example, refers to extremely small or negligible funds, the use of which in a particular business is incidental.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

NOMINAL. Relating to a name.
     2. A nominal plaintiff is one in whose name an action is brought, for the use of another. In this case, the nominal plaintiff has no control over the action, nor is he responsible for costs. 1 Dall. 1 39; 2 Watts, R. 12.
     3. A nominal partner is one, who, without having an actual interest in the profits of a concern, allows his name to be used, or agrees that it shall be continued therein, as a partner; such nominal partner is clearly liable to the creditors of the firm, as a general partner, although the creditors were ignorant at the time of dealing, that his name was used.. 2 H. Bl. 242, 246; 1 Esp. R. 31; 2 Campb. 302; 16 East, R. 174; 2 B. & C. 411.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The average monthly gross salary per employee for March 2018 in the Federation of BiH amounted to 1.353 KM and was nominally higher by 3.6 percent, and in real terms by 3.3 percent compared to the previous month.
Danske Bank's total share capital as of 29 April 2019 now amounts to nominally DKK8,621,846,210, corresponding to 862,184,621 shares of nominally DKK10 each and 862,184,621 voting rights.
In comparison to February 2017 the average monthly gross earnings for the February 2018 was nominally by 1,5% higher, Agency for Statistics of BiH stated.
The RIN of the transfer standard is nominally -110 dB/Hz, with an uncertainty of [less than or equal to]0.12 dB/Hz.
Subsequent to this reduction of the share capital, the company's share capital is nominally DKK480,000,000, which is divided into an A share capital of nominally DKK107,487,200 and a B share capital of nominally DKK372,512,800.
I still haven't figured out whether the gradual shifts in tone within the nominally white ground of Bridget Riley's Pause, 1964, are real or only apparent, chemical or optical.
Washington, D.C.--The Ignatian Society of Georgetown University, the nominally Catholic institution of higher learning under Jesuit administration, has asked Cardinal James Hickey, Archbishop of Washington, to suspend the priestly faculties of Fr.
GN Store Nord said that at its annual general meeting, held on 21 March 2019, it was decided to reduce the company's share capital from nominally DKK582,736,856 to nominally DKK569,072,400 by cancelling treasury shares of a nominal value of DKK13,664,456, divided into 3,416,114 shares of DKK4 each.
In the past, Samore hired photographers to follow subjects and snap their pictures, producing grainy-to-blurry images that suggested nefarious acts of surveillance taken to a nominally poetic level, and that raised those age-old questions of authorship, truth, and authenticity.
After the capital reduction, the share capital of Demant A/S amounts to nominally DKK49,057,407.
Hoffman: the living figures become mannequins, the mannequins living figures, and it is only nominally clear which is which.
Reportedly, Solar's annual general meeting passed a resolution on 15 March 2019 to reduce the company's B share capital by nominally DKK38,562,500 by cancelling treasury B shares.