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Oliver NETTE has been nominated as Head of the EU Delegation to Benin.
com/WalesOnline Bravery | Peter Fuller - nominated for his role in stepping in to stop a horrific machete attack in Mold in January 2015 | Matthew James - nominated for his selflessness during a time of real fear and chaos, using his body to shield his partner, Saera Wilson, from bullets during last summer's Tunisia terror attacks.
She is nominated for her innovation and leadership in developing and sustaining the ECMO program.
CH2M-WG Idaho, Idaho Falls, nominated by the Navy Reserve.
Daniel Day-Lewis is nominated for Leading Actor, Tommy Lee Jones is nominated for Supporting Actor and Sally Field is nominated for Supporting Actress.
Owen Williams, chief executive of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, which manages both hospitals, said: "To have so many heroes nominated by our patients and colleagues is terrific.
He's been nominated eight times but his only Oscar is an honorary one bestowed upon him in 2002.
Another subject of controvery on the list is the state and national champion American elm (Ulmus americana), which was nominated for that list in 1985 by the big tree hunting team of Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson.
Folk music festival Green Man Festival has been nominated for the Grass Roots Festival Award.
Eccles has been nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half).
But in fall of 1988, Reagan had a Gallup job approval rating in the low to mid riffles, significantly higher than where President Bush is likely to be, and the Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis, from, yes, Massachusetts.
Commercial Demolition Services of Beltsville nominated Velky, and R.