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This means that if you nominate the medical centre you are nominating all the doctors at the centre to sign your WorkCover medical certificates.
The nominating committee nominated the following to the executive council: Robert Conroy, Shad Haston, Nick Romanello, Christine Whitney, Rick Siehl, and Charles "Chip" Koval.
MP Awad justified delay of nominating security ministers by "Maliki's rejection to nominate figures from parties other than Dawa party.
The proposed amendment would change the process so that each division would select its representative to the nominating committee at its annual division meeting.
Rhodes Cook, a seasoned election analyst, political commentator, and author of several works on presidential elections, has written an exceptionally clear, instructive, and engaging book concerning the modern presidential nominating process.
In what appears to have been a very contentious Committee meeting, three members voted for Bolin's re-nomination to the Board and three voted against her re-nomination with the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Dr.
The Nominating Committee shall prepare proposals regarding the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting, the number of Board members, compensation to Board members and auditors, the election of Board members and Board Chairman and the number of auditors and election of auditors.
Industrivarden's (STO:INDUA) (STO:INDUC) 2009 Annual General Meeting assigned the Chairman of the Board with the task of contacting four shareholders from among the largest registered shareholders in terms of votes in Euroclear Sweden AB's printout of the shareholder register as per the last business day in August 2009, who each appoint one representative who is not a director on the Company's board, to form together with the Chairman of the Board a nominating committee for the time until a new nominating committee has been appointed based on the mandate from the next year's Annual General Meeting.
Overlooked by the Tony nominating committee were such actors as Liam Neeson for his portrayal of Oscar Wilde in ``The Judas Kiss'' and both of Molina's co-stars in ``Art:'' Alan Alda and Victor Garber.
NEW YORK, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The 1992 nominating committee of the New York Stock Exchange has named six new candidates and six current directors for election to the Exchange's board of directors.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- In accordance with the company's articles of association, the chairman of the board of Carl Lamm Holding (STO:CLHO), Theodor Dalenson, has contacted the company's three largest shareholders in order to form a Nominating Committee.