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In addition, it is noteworthy that nominatio is repeated, and that it creates a transposed meaning in which one thing is said and something different has to be understood.
For now, what is crucial is that the text forces us to consider that the nominatio Dante uses introduces the rhetorical figura of transumptio, a figure of great importance in the 13th century and utilized as a device able to bring deep structures to the surface (Purcell, "Transumptio').
Among them we find nominatio, pronominatio and permutatio (Poetria nova lines 949-954).
This nomination leads to questions about the name of Beatrice, which in turn leads to another question: Which nominatio could thus be given to the "I" or author, since he is the one who is related to Beatrice (according to John's Gospel and Augustine, he is the husband, and we may recognize him from the bride).
In fact, the nominatio uncovers what is not said and which transumptio allows us to understand.
He studied at St Martin's School of and the Royal College of Art in London and reputation quickly grew after his nominatio Vogue magazine's Designer of the Year in 1970.
La nominatio rerum accordata al fanciullino--discendente di Adamo e di quel bambino che secondo la trattatistica cristiana, "lasciato a se stesso dopo la nascita, avrebbe automaticamente parlato ebraico" (Eco, La ricerca della lingua perfetta, 1993, 39), cioe la lingua madre dettata da Dio--e il simbolo di quella ricerca di assoluta univocita tra parola e cosa, secondo un vincolo naturale e non arbitrario vagheggiato da chi, come Pascoli, mira alla pregnanza aurorale della parola che al contempo rifugge l'indeterminatezza e si apre al mistero.
However, in the race for the Democratic nominatio in the 24th Senate seat, the papers issued opposite endorsements.