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Tom Lickona, one of Joe's nominators, synthesized Joe's many accomplishments into five outstanding contributions to character education:
These registers provide information about the trees' measurements, where they are located, and the names of the nominators.
Nominees must be past or present members of the BSI and nominators must be present BSI members in good standing.
Nominator and boss Roy Slack says Henderson-Campbell takes challenges on admirably, in a male-dominated industry.
Our thanks to Sam Gindin, nominator of Herman Rosenfeld; Adam Hanieh, nominator of Katherine Nastovski; Adriane Paavo, nominator of Hugh Wagner; and Charles Smith, nominator of Dan Crow.
Her anonymous nominator wrote "Despite being left permanently disabled, Kate has continued to think of others.
Nominator Comments: "The mentor of leaders," says Michael Simons, current president of FEI's Boston Chapter.
Schrawder Award, given to an employee who has proved to be a valuable asset to scientific projects both at sea and ashore; Rick Trask won the Vetlesen Award "for true selfless dedication of a major portion of him/herself to the entire WHOI community over a long period of time"; and the Human Resources Office won the Penzance Award, given to a group, for what one nominator called "exceptional work toward the betterment of the WHOI family.
Form with contact information for the lead researcher and the nominator (may be the same person).
Said one nominator, "While there is always more companies can do to create value, Weyerhaeuser has made some important first steps.
Please note that all this material must be collected by the nominator and forwarded to the Awards Committee as a complete package.
Written entries must include name, title, organization, address, and telephone number of both the nominee and nominator, along with a 300-word narrative in support of the nomination.