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The nominator may not be the founder of the nominated organization.
Tom Lickona, one of Joe's nominators, synthesized Joe's many accomplishments into five outstanding contributions to character education:
Her "drive" and "skill" helped make their inaugural fund raiser a tremendous success, the nominator wrote.
And I don't think the local loathing is as universal as the nominators suggest - people who dislike something always tend to be more vocal, but I've heard a lot more praise for it than criticism.
Her nominator also said: "I feel that due to her disability Lorna always finds a way to get the best out of life and is very inspirational to many others within her sport.
The nominators of individuals not selected will receive a letter thanking them for their participation.
Artists still submit applications themselves, but should consult an accredited nominator in advance to support their submission, who needs to be mentioned on their application.
This can be a project that the nominator has organized, supported, led or researched for, or it can simply be one that the nominator has heard or read about.
Their referrals must like and trust your nominator. The referrals should also respect the nominator.
The brave little boy was accompanied by his parents and his nominator.
Her nominator, head of human resources, Fiona Brennan, said she made an impact straight away and was a real asset to the team.