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One nominator wrote: Joe has "helped parents to become models of character growth for their children, empowering these parents to work on their own character development as they pursue their potential.
8220;Charlotte is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher who has had many students, families and peers over the years contact her to tell her the difference she has made in their lives,” wrote her nominator.
THROUGH the medium of multiple sponsorship and an associated Nominator Scheme, last year's Hennerty Sales Irish Laurels reversed the general trend of reduced prize-money for the Irish Classics.
Artists still submit applications themselves, but should consult an accredited nominator in advance to support their submission, who needs to be mentioned on their application.
Lundestad has said in the past that people or groups are sometimes listed simply because nominators like them.
But rarely do we have the opportunity to look past those pages and into the lives of the nominators and the stories behind how the trees made it into a register in the first place.
The nominator should submit the nomination in writing, by either letter or electronic mail.
Nominations submitted by individuals must bear the signatures and registration numbers of the nominators.
The Thunder Bay native and former regional director at the Ontario Ministry of Finance was credited by her nominators for her business acumen and organizational skills in assembling a team to greet the first charter class in September, 2005.
Nominators and nominees are not required to be AcademyHealth members.
One of Williams' serial nominators was Phil Gasper, a hard-left professor at the underwhelming Bay Area college, Notre Dame de Namur University.
Harvey's nominators praised his "brilliance and compassion"; his "unassuming manner and deep insightfulness"; his "way of hearing, of listening deeply to issues, thinking broadly, and then posing solutions that would satisfy a wide range of needs"; his work connecting writing centers locally, nationally, and internationally; and his success in training tutors to become "models of peer consultant brilliance and mild goofiness.