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Ego non baptizo te in nomine patris, sed in nomine diaboli
Je suis persuade qu'il va encore s'illustrer lors des saisons prochaines [beaucoup plus grand que], a ajoute Abdennour, lui aussi nomine pour le Ballon d'or.
2 fois laureat de la palme d'or et 5 fois nomine aux oscars, son palmares de titres en dit davantage sur sa carriere.
As per norms, the lieutenant governor appoints the Lokayukta on the recommendation of a committee which includes the Chief Justice of Delhi, leader of the principal opposition party and a government nomine.
But the AP reports that two senior lawmakers from the State of Law parliamentary bloc said in a Dawa Party meeting Thursday, Maliki finally agreed to endorse fellow party-member and PM nomine Abadi -- gaining praise from diverse sects across Iraq,
In announcing the selection, On-Waves Chief Technology Officer, Roch-Alexandre Nomine said, "In selecting IMSWorkX we were able to take advantage of the flexibility of their products, and work with an exceptional engineering team who understands the problem space and was able to craft a solution that is a great fit for our customers.
Seven in Nomine is in his austere, edgy 1960s style.
In addition to his new role with the Woods Hole Cantata Consort, he is Artistic Director of the Sine Nomine Ensemble, Fall River; Resident Conductor of the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum; and Director of Music at Grace Episcopal Church, Newton, MA.
There are an unusually large number of profanities drawn from the Latin Mass or referring to Christ's body or passion in this play: 'In nomine paths (11.
In fact, the historical detail only serves to characterize the chief antagonist as Caesar's friend and, therefore, indirectly involved with the persecution of the Christians: "denique temporibus Maximiniani persecutoris Christiane religionis, erat quidem senator in civitate Nicomedia, nomine Eleusius, amicus imperatoris" [in the times of Maximinian, who was the persecutor of the Christian religion, there lived in the city of Nicomedia a certain senator called Eleusius, the emperor's friend] (Vita, 33).
Meilleur joueur de la CAF 2013 : le Marocain Mehdi Benatia nomine