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The pooled CSS for the preoperative Karakiewicz nomogram, the postoperative Karakiewicz nomogram, the Kattan nomogram, and the Cindolo nomogram were 82.
the logarithmic coordinates are used in nomograms, because they reduce the scatter of statistical data and the nomograms that are more precise can be created.
At MSKCC, physicians rely on the Kattan nomogram to help assist patients with treatment decision making.
The Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) has produced a nomogram for the prediction of patients with non-SLN metastases [1].
In the present study, none of the study subjects had a four-hour paracetamol level in the toxic range of the Matthew-Rumack nomogram (6).
To generate the neural network algorithm, training and test sets, hs-CRP, total cholesterol/HDL ratio and risk estimate from the nomogram graphic can be entered directly into Excel.
The temperature increase analysis for fire-heated steel structures can be performed by means of nomograms as shown in Fig 4.
They find that, for example, one Kattan nomogram is correct about 80 percent of the time in predicting which of two patients fare better after undergoing prostate surgery.
The idea of the nomogram is that it is easy to use, so physicians can enter the appropriate information and get a reading as to the patient's chances of surviving the disease," said a spokesman for the centre.
Feed and speed recommendations are found in a nomogram that Greenleaf has developed from its experience with WG-300.
nephrolithometry and the Clinical Research Office of the Endourological Society (CROES) nomogram.