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4] Brad Eldredge, Reverse Engineering a Nomograph to Equations, Chemical Engineering Magzine,, 2003, pp 81-85.
Examination of the nomograph in Table II supports several ideas about the FSA designated amount.
in the nomograph, the largest heater temperature is 275 [degrees] C, so it is assumed that the maximum temperature of the polyethylene in the adapted butt fusion model is greater than this temperature.
First, well get spreading loss the easy way, from the nomograph in Figure 2.
The passing metal then flows into a nomograph (a 10-stepped ingot mold).
16 is assumed in the nomograph in the Traffic Control Devices Handbook (TCDH).
The K factor is determined using a soil erodibility nomograph based on particle size, organic matter, soil structure, and permeability data [23].
1] per unit of rainfall erosivity factor) of each soil sample was calculated by the nomograph of Wischmeier et al.
The new soil information data sets derived by Australian Soil Resources Information Systems (A SRIS) enable us to estimate erodibility (K) based on the modified USLE nomograph (Eqns 3 and 4) of Loch and Rosewell (1992).
This reduced pressure level is then indexed on a scale against the temperature of the sample holding furnace and hydrogen level in cc/100 grams is read from the nomograph.
For loamy soil types K values may be obtained from the soil-erodibility nomograph (Wischmeier and Smith, 1978; Renard et al.