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Comparisons between these measurements and the soil erodibility nomograph showed reasonable agreement (Rosewell 1993).
Described by PTI as an "ideal tool for plastic processors, resin producers, lab techs, plant production, equipment manufacturers and others involved in the PET process," the nomograph can be located in the iTunes App Store by searching for "PET nomograph."
[4] Brad Eldredge, Reverse Engineering a Nomograph to Equations, Chemical Engineering Magzine,, 2003, pp 81-85.
A nomograph is an easily understood approach to this yearly employee problem of selecting an FSA designated amount.
The correlation between the joining parameter, weld strength, and weld conditions is summarized in a set of nomographs: a unique nomograph exists for each type of polyethylene tested.
First, well get spreading loss the easy way, from the nomograph in Figure 2.
The passing metal then flows into a nomograph (a 10-stepped ingot mold).
A friction factor of 0.16 is assumed in the nomograph in the Traffic Control Devices Handbook (TCDH).
The K factor is determined using a soil erodibility nomograph based on particle size, organic matter, soil structure, and permeability data [23].
The use of surface soil properties, as in the USLE erodibility nomograph (Loch and Rosewell 1992; Loch et al.
The soil erodibility factor K (t [ha.sup.-1] per unit of rainfall erosivity factor) of each soil sample was calculated by the nomograph of Wischmeier et al.