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Communication journals were more likely to study a variety of topics, issues, or concepts, that is, scholars here took a more nomothetic approach than their health communication counterparts.
Keeping the tension between idiographic and nomothetic approaches in mind, it is interesting to look at how the two parties understand the scope or reach of their respective versions of narrative theory.
In this study, we aimed to evaluate the factorial structure of the Brazilian version of the SF-12v2, and to present evidence of convergent validity by assessing the relationships between the SF-12v2 subscales and several measures that compose its nomothetic network.
375) subsequently wrote that she was "not proud of having used the repertory grid in that nomothetic way," the test and associated research served an important purpose in demonstrating that people diagnosed as thought disordered schizophrenic were characterized by the same processes of construing as anyone else, albeit using one of these--loose construing--to a greater degree.
Many social scientists (and scientists) make a distinction between nomothetic (general) and idiographic (specific) explanations.
Personality and conflict Management styles: synergy of nomothetic and idiomatic approach.
In his eloquent preface he explains the thematic structure of the volume and the order that ranges from nomothetic research, to analytic cases, and then back to nomothetic.
Although all contributions rely on IIT and FM, the 2011 conference was characterized by diversity: Contributions were from researchers from all over the world representing a wide diversity of nationalities; recent new procedures for identifying individual differences in integration rules and in scale values (Hofmans & Mullet, in press) have sparked renewed interest in the joint use of nomothetic and idiographic approaches by explicitly focusing on diversity while studying average patterns; and the reported applications were highly diverse most probably because the topics studied using IIT and FM keep expanding year after year.
The dangers of employing such nomothetic measures and the development of 'norms' (p288) as opposed to idiographic ones are clear to me, as an existentially informed practitioner coming up against issues that reflect the constant oscillations between authenticity and inauthenticity.
Although qualitative research can fit within a positivistic paradigm, in general, quantitative research is favored, because the nomothetic and statistical methods used by quantitative researchers have been viewed as tools that allow for "universal truths" to be uncovered.
In 1894, Windelband formulated the epistemological dichotomy that divides human sciences into two categories: nomothetic science that concentrates on studying general laws and idiographic science that focuses on studying uniqueness of a single event or a person [59-60].
4) All such tasks provide some kind of method of measuring performance against a normative and explicitly defined standard, and constitute a method of nomothetic comparison across individuals and different sets of individuals, as well as potential idiographic description of both individuals and groups through time.