non-compete issues

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Country: United States of America
State: Indiana

2 questions. I just resigned my employer of 19 years, reason unhappy and to much stress; I am considering several job offers to companies that would be competitors to my now last employer. I did not have any non conpete or agreement; I have a feeling that this employer will do everything in their power to keep me out of the same feild. I have even heard that they were considering trying to have me aressted for taking important documents such as customers list ,prices etc,and get a schearch warrant for my home; I will not be intinadated by this as I have seen them atttempt under handed practices in the pasted. Can they attempt such action,and if they do and find nothing can I take action against them? Question 2 Same employer allowed a suppervisor general manager (single) have an open affair with a married hourly employee. All est 40 employess knew of this incident for over 2 1/2 to 3 years;During such times this houly employee was given promtions etc; I am sure neither complainted to the employer about sexual harrasment; I personally brought this to the attention of the employer and told them they were sending a wrong message to all employees; Many employees hourly felt that if they said something they would be subject to loss of job or some type of chance of advancement; The houly employee involved in this affair has been terminated but ths supervisor is still out there; Many plant personal were and are upset over this and want to know if any action can be taken against the company to release this supervisor?


Your employer can file charges that you stole info but if the charges are baseless they can be prosecuted for filing a false report, and you could sue for damages as well.
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