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P2's non-mechanical construction and compactness will also be incorporated into the company's 3D image recording and editing equipment to make production in the field highly flexible and efficient.
It is a fanless solution and, when utilising the onboard Compact Flash socket, provides a complete non-mechanical solution.
More than 70% of worldwide consumption is said to be used in tires, and mechanical and non-mechanical automotive goods.
Also called the next generation in conveyors, the Eclipse is non-mechanical with a modular distribution design.
The company operates a network of 15 hire sites across the country, specialising in the hire and sale of non-mechanical access equipment to the construction industry and employing a total of 200 people.
According to IPSS, the overall aim of the symposium is "to advance the education of the general public by improving understanding and knowledge in the field of research and development in the use of non-mechanical power sources, particularly batteries and fuel cells as well as photovoltaic and other non-electrochemical power sources.
He said: ``It's non-mechanical but really effective.
Haiti had previously been certified because its Government previously allowed only non-mechanical harvest of shrimp unharmful to turtles, he said.
A non-mechanical, modular broom attachment, the SweepEx broom is built with no moving parts and is attachable to most types of service vehicles.
There are new non-mechanical tubs that are just coming out that are simply designed to be easier to get in and out of.
Non-mechanical devices for measuring time like a water clock, candle and sand-timer are to be built into the wall.