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Power supply was also disconnected to Yasin Wala of 11 KV Landi Wa-1,2 feeders for non-payment of Rs 1,757,280 while power supply was also disconnected to Pagima, Gadimissen, from 10 transformers due to non-payment of Rs 996,345, power supply disconnected to Multani Mangi from 2 transformers due to non-payment of Rs 647,000.
According to the NTC officials, the reason for disconnection of official telephone numbers is non-payment of the bills.
Additionally, these options can be of limited use if the non-payment was due to an insolvency or formal bankruptcy.
The high drama on the premises started after the students and the faculty were evicted and all equipment and materials belonging to the institution were thrown out following non-payment of rent yesterday.
Mangrobang admitted that some immigration officers, given the non-payment of the overtime work rendered, have resorted to augmenting their wages by looking for other means of additional income.
Mr Murphy believes if the true level of non-payment in May had been made pubic it would have encouraged more householders not to pay.
Ibran Hussain, 34, of Hearsall Lane, Earlsdon, admitted non-payment of council tax and costs totalling PS6,782.
The non-payment by Palestinian distribution companies and municipalities for purchased electricity has put further constraints on the Palestinian Authoritys budget and has hindered economic stability.
TIMERGARA -- Traders' bodies in Dir Lower on Tuesday rejected Imran Khan's call for civil disobedience and non-payment of utility and a tax saying it was a conspiracy against the state.
Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Social Policies and Labour Yordan Hristoskov said he will propose again the criminalisation of non-payment of social insurances.
Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has constituted a 10-member Special Committee to investigate the non-payment of taxes by members, source said to research analyst-PAGE.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Kurdish MP Shwan Mohamed Taha said :" the politicization of the security system is behind the non-payment of salaries for the Peshmerga forces in kurdistan region .