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It's embarrassing to know that the bank is aware of your non-payment and, of course, it raises a red flag at the bank which could ultimately jeopardize your mortgage.
Khan City Division disconnected power supply to Bads and other villages of 11 KV Gomal feeder due to non-payment of Rs 8.
The numbers installed at different offices of the unit were disconnected last year due to non-payment of the outstanding bills and the authorities did not pay any heed to the issue so far.
The prosecution maintained during the trial that the accused had demanded Rs1million from the girl's family and over non-payment killed her.
They said that they were already in trouble due to a meagre amount paid to them for their service and non-payment for last two and a half months has further increased their hardships.
The total of 7,693 firms in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and County Durham summonsed for non-payment of business rates in 2016-17 represents one in eight companies in the region North Tyneside had the highest rate of non-payment in the country, with one in three firms affected.
If this doesn't work, explain the consequences of non-payment in a courteous way, whether it's discontinuing their service or reporting their delinquency to a credit-rating organization if the payment is not received in the agreed timeframe.
Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], August 17 ( ANI ): The students of the National School of Drama (NSD) Bengaluru took to protest outside Guru Nanak Bhavan on Thursday as they were evicted from premises due to non-payment of rent dues by institution.
This is because some employees have resorted to filing leaves or even resignations because of the non-payment of their overtime work.
Life insurance policies cannot be cancelled for non-payment of premium if their face amount is under S100,000.
Murphy told his Facebook followers: "Now we know why, five months later, after an appeal, we have the figures from Irish Water for payment levels on May 18 - 30% payment - 70% non-payment.
Ian Gatenby, 30, of Waveley Road, Spon End, admitted non-payment of council tax and costs totalling PS2,076.