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Chapters address the scope of application of general contract principles, the concept of non-performance, the force majeure excuse, and hardship, along the way examining such elements as contractual risk allocations, unforseeability of an impediment, impediments beyond the typical sphere of risk and control of the obligor, responsibility for third parties, legal impediments, involvement of states or state enterprises, the hardship threshold test, frustration of purpose, irreconcilable differences, and comparison with exemptions under domestic legal systems.
If they obtain a replacement guarantor rated at triple-'B' or higher to cover the non-performance risk of Samsung, or enhance the existing credit support at or above the triple-'B' ratings, Standard & Poor's would affirm the ratings on the term notes of Golden State and Windsor.
If the contractor is at fault Contracting authority to terminate the contract or in the exercise of sanctioning forced withdrawal, the contractor has not yet used the contractual part of the net pay of 20% of non-performance penalty is required.
Metallgesellschaft's new management cannot, at this late date, use these decisions by its old management as an excuse for non-performance of Castle's valuable, legally binding contracts, as suggested at the shareholders meeting.
Wykonawca bears full responsibility to the Purchaser for non-performance or improper performance of the contract, which was the consequence of non-performance or improper performance of obligations to the Contractor by its subcontractors (cooperators).
With Walters in the chief executive officer's position, Rutland will focus his attention on addressing issues related to non-performance of certain company assets.
Awards such as these are often questioned as pay for non-performance," said Steven Hall, Managing Director of Steven Hall & Partners.
Customer (Contracting) entitled if the Service Provider (contractor) contract by default, defective performance and non-performance penalty to enforce.
Liberty, founded in 1984, develops equipment based on proprietary technologies to detect incipient failures, degraded conditions and potential non-performance of valves, motors and turbines.
Subsequently, the company received from the Trustee, on behalf of Laurus, Notice of Trustee's Sale and Statement of Breach of Non-Performance and Notice of Election to Sell the Company's property and fixtures at 3910 East Weir Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, at an auction to be held on March 2, 2006.
Non-performance penalty in case of fault caused a mixed operating performance of the contract the contractor fails to pass the contractor~s bid amount, but min.
performance or non-performance by Calpine Corporation and applicable subsidiaries of contracts with Calpine Power Income Fund and its applicable subsidiaries or investees, legislative or regulatory developments, competition, general economic conditions and other risks identified in the management discussion and analysis of Calpine Power Income Fund for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2005 and the fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2005, each of which is available on www.