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The school has done many fundraising events in the past, including cake sales, non-uniform days and sponsored silences.
Cryptocurrencies are creating drift toward a non-uniform currency in the U.S., a state of affairs that has existed historically but was disliked and eventually replaced, he said.
STUDENTS at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College recently took part in a non-uniform day, and packaged food, to support a locally based charity.
And they've kicked off the fundraising drive with a non-uniform day which raised PS900.
Honley High School had left hundreds of pupils disappointed after it told them the PS1,000 raised for Children In Need was not enough for them to deserve a non-uniform day.
But over the weekend parents have been told that today will be a free non-uniform day because of the weather conditions.
My class enjoyed their non-uniform day!" Lucas told me "I hope my class wins soon."
A non-uniform day helped to raise more than PS700 for the Meningitis Research Foundation.
Adding transient modeling to its line of power transistor modeling tools, Magwel now offers an integration into the Cadence Spectre simulation platform and Virtuoso Analog Design Environment for circuit simulation with comprehensive models that include non-uniform device switching effects.
More than 5,000 pupils, parents and staff at schools across the county carried out a range of activities including non-uniform days, fancy dress, poem recitals, big bear bake-offs, sports tournaments, hampers, quizzes and treasure hunts.
Their topics are electromagnetic waves, waves in uniform media, hydrodynamic waves, magneto hydrodynamic waves in uniform and non-uniform media, shock waves, waves in optics, plasma waves, and fluid and plasma instabilities.
My decidedly non-uniform server in scruffy T-shirt and jeans supplied me with a small PS1 cone (carton) of brown chips.
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