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borough council is seeking an independent professional to provide investment management and trust services for their respective non-uniform and police pension plans.
Adding transient modeling to its line of power transistor modeling tools, Magwel now offers an integration into the Cadence Spectre simulation platform and Virtuoso Analog Design Environment for circuit simulation with comprehensive models that include non-uniform device switching effects.
Pupils at Reinwood Junior School, near Marsh, took part in a non-uniform day and raised PS357 for the Calderdale Flood Relief Appeal.
More than 5,000 pupils, parents and staff at schools across the county carried out a range of activities including non-uniform days, fancy dress, poem recitals, big bear bake-offs, sports tournaments, hampers, quizzes and treasure hunts.
Kaye Warner, 33, pulled Erin-Anais Hart out of school after staff rang to say the teenager's clothes for a non-uniform charity day were "inappropriate".
Results of the research solve the problems of non-uniform connection of objects made of aluminum alloys to thermoplastic polymeric objects.
com)-- The industrial production in industrialized countries like Germany, the 28 European Union countries, the USA and Japan offers a non-uniform picture in the first half-year: In Germany, industrial production had already slightly exceeded the pre-crisis level in 2011, however dropped again back in 2012 and 2013 and exceeded again the pre-crisis level in the first half-year 2014.
at was in addition to funds raised from a rae and non-uniform day at his school, Race Leys Junior School.
The Department of Code Enforcement said it has launched its updated online payment system, creating an easy and convenient way to apply and pay for several permits, licenses, and any non-Uniform Traffic Ticket fee.
Real DLs having finite dimensions, based on such infinite periodic multiconductor lines have non-uniform parameters on the side conductors due to electromagnetic field spread [17].
Crosslinking often leads to non-uniform reaction resulting in variable and unpredictable properties.
This suggests that a change in the risk under the non-uniform carbon taxes depends on the fraction of the firms being affected by the carbon taxes and their amount.
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