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num] is the exact RMS value of the magnetic flux density, which it is determined with taking into account the non-uniformity current distribution.
This model is used to represent the activities involved in purchasing a PPE to arrive at the non-uniformity of costs.
Therefore, it is necessary to clearly identify the relationship between the non-uniformity of the flow velocity distribution and the aerodynamic drag that applies to the trailing vehicle.
Given the above, this study aimed to evaluate the effects of non-uniformity in plant spatial distribution along the planting row on development and agronomic performance of corn.
This indicates that although using the balcony system regarding polyester-viscose yarns did not help to change yarn hairiness, it caused non-uniformity quality of the thread has been affected in a significant amount.
To measure the residuary background of non-uniformity (inversely proportional to thermal contrast) after application of contrast enhancement techniques, an index of background relative non-uniformity is proposed to evaluate how much a contrast enhancement method is able to compensate the non-uniform heating, without concerning if working with profiles represented by temperature quantities or by dimensionless values, as in FDTC and NC.
The low quality of seed produced (low germination of seed, non-uniformity and diseases susceptibility) may be caused by the fact the cultivars are not pure lines and no phytosanitary measures are taken by the producers.
On the subject of uniformity or non-uniformity, here is an example: When I first moved to Turkey, you could rarely find pet shops in ystanbul.
Results of the sounding curves suggest non-uniformity in the distribution of resistivity in vertical as well as in lateral directions.
The mentioned models are not able to analyze the effects produced by the axial air-gap non-uniformity in induction machines.
It is assumed that the electric field non-uniformity is static due to repeatable results.
The influence of non-uniformity of the multiconductor microstrip line (MCML) parameters on the responses of the meander microstrip delay line (MMDL) is studied in this paper.
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