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Bottom line: Non-uniformity in pellet size and geometry fouls up the melting process and is a source of cosmetic, physical, chemical, and performance problems.
This indicates that although using the balcony system regarding polyester-viscose yarns did not help to change yarn hairiness, it caused non-uniformity quality of the thread has been affected in a significant amount.
The low quality of seed produced (low germination of seed, non-uniformity and diseases susceptibility) may be caused by the fact the cultivars are not pure lines and no phytosanitary measures are taken by the producers.
Validation measurements for the BNR (Beam Non-uniformity Ratio) have been carried out.
Taking into consideration the flow in bladed disks of multistage compressors operating under conditions of periodic angular flow non-uniformity caused by disturbances created by the aerodynamic wake behind the trailing edges of blades of previous stages, it is possible to specify that the calculation pattern that corresponds to the image of non-steady flow about the compressor grid can be obtained if the values of velocities and pressures are presented in the form of the sum of steady and pulsating components:
So, after the non-uniformity discovery, the boundary conditions of the model were changed and the model then properly predicted the airflow patterns.
Contrary, the non-uniformity of the distribution increases: in this process the allowed current values [S.
By observing the arterial drug distribution patterns for various settings, we understood that drug released from the stent does not reach uniformly to all regions of the vessel and this non-uniformity depends on where the stent is placed in the artery as well as the blood flow that is entering the vessel," said Edelman.
Non-uniformity of the printed areas occur in full-tone print when incomplete ink transfer takes place during the printing process and it can partly depend on topographic characteristics of the printing substrate (Barros et al.
In this case, two dimensional finite element models become irrelevant due to the non-uniformity of the stress distribution over the strip thickness.
Even un-cooled infrared technologies benefit from temperature stabilization in order to perform a non-uniformity correction (NUC) to normalize the offset and/or gain on a per pixel basis.
Chapters cover the meniscus equation for sheets and fibers; temperature distribution and heat flux; dynamics of the interface, half-thickness of the sheet, and fiber radius; a control procedure for the sheet half-thickness and fiber radius; and minimization of the surface non-uniformity.
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